Developing a Mozilla Code of Conduct

Mozilla is going to explore developing a Code of Conduct for our community and contributors, using the Ubuntu project Code of Conduct and supporting documents as an initial template. We’re looking to create something aspirational rather than proscriptive, and the Ubuntu documents provide a tried and proven starting point.

The next step is to look at those documents and see what we need to do to adapt them to work for the Mozilla project. For this, I need your help.

I’ve started a thread over in the mozilla.governance newsgroup to get the process started. It includes a link to a rough first draft of a Code and an explanation of where that draft came from.

Please note that all discussion related to the development of a Code of Conduct should happen in that thread/newsgroup. If you post comments here, I’ll just ask you to move ’em over there 🙂

Please, please try to make time to participate if you can. This is a big and very important step for the Mozilla project and our community.


One thought on “Developing a Mozilla Code of Conduct

  1. With Mozilla moving into hardware on mobile, it also seems time to develop an environment policy. It wouldn’t be too nice to see Mozilla lambasted by Greenpeace. Policies like whether to adopt hardware-supported codecs like H.264 because they save battery life would also have desktop implications in power-saving and therefore CO2 emissions wouldn’t they? How about Mozilla’s distribution network of download servers. Do they use green power?

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