Menu planning for the holidays

Grocery shopping gets a bit tricksy this time of year because there’s often a surfeit of food, a metric crapton of people out shopping for that food (& gifts & booze & all the rest), and the stores are closed for at least a few days right in the middle of it all.

To avoid last minute grocery dashes (and crowds) as much as I can, I’m planning the next couple of week’s worth of menus now. This is what the current working list looks like:

Big fancy dinners

  • Turkey breast roast & all the fixin’s
  • Beef tenderloin roast, sauted mixed wild mushrooms, garlicky bitter greens, potatoes gratin

Regular ol’ workaday dinners

  • chili & toast
  • beef curry, rice, channa dal
  • roast chicken w/ lemon & thyme, cauliflower & broccoli gratin, wild rice
  • pork loin roast, braised brussels sprouts, baked potatoes
  • ground pork & cabbage szechuan noodles
  • seafood chowder
  • carnitas, guacamole
  • baked salmon w/ lemon & capers, spinach, boiled new potatoes
  • spicy shrimp stir fry w/ snowpeas and cashews
  • pan-seared rib eye, salt-baked potatoes, caesar salad

Lunches will largely be made up of leftovers, and breakfasts probably be more extravagant/leisurely than normal, including stuff like bagels w/ smoked salmon, baked french toast, frittata w/ spinach and mushrooms, etc etc.


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