NEW! Firefox Features List process change

I’ve made one small-but-awfully-helpful change to how the product Feature Lists are going to work. Now, if you start working on one of the items on the list, please change the “Rank” for that item on the Feature List to “In Progress”. Don’t worry about moving it to the top of the list, we’ll sort that part out.

I’ve done a few on the Firefox Feature List, as an example. Obviously this makes it a lot easier to figure out what is currently being worked on.

If you are working on a Feature from one of the Feature Lists, please do me a huge favour and flag it as “In Progress” on the Feature List Page. Thanks!


4 thoughts on “NEW! Firefox Features List process change

  1. How does this “status” indicator play with the status indicator in the feature detail page itself? See:

    That page uses the StatusAtRisk template which allows for a color change and text description.

    This template then propagates up to the Release Tracking page, which inherits the color and text in the Status column (after an edit / save cycle to pull in the changes)

  2. The Feature List does not pull any of the information from the Feature Pages themselves, nor vice versa, so there’s no connection between them.

    The Feature Page status feeds into the Release Tracking page, which is/should be lists of the in progress items that are targeted to releases.

    I’m still digging around trying to sort out better ways of doing this with the tools we have — Dietrich just sent me info about Semantic Wiki stuff that might be useful.

  3. This is not ive been working on personally but its a big improvement that ive noticed is missing on the release feature tracking wiki page; Bug 573948 replace libjpeg with libjpeg-turbo.
    libjpeg-turbo is 100-300% (2-4x) faster than libjpeg at decoding jpegs. This feature landed for Fx5.

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