Personas Plus RC3 – Please help test (again)!

A third (and hopefully final!) Release Candidate of the Personas Plus add-on for Firefox 4 is available on the FTP servers. The RC works with Firefox 3+, current nightly builds, and Firefox 4 beta releases.

You can download the add-on here: — you want to get personas-1.6.2rc3.xpi.

If you find any issues (or if you test and everything seems OK), please post a comment here! Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Personas Plus RC3 – Please help test (again)!

  1. The RC3 is working just as well with Thunderbird alpha builds as it did with Thunderbird 3.1… could we get compatibility bumped for Thunderbird as well please?

  2. Hello Deb,

    “Go To My Favorites” inside My Favorites opens up HTTP so the log in problem fires again. All urls that Personas Plus opens up should be HTTPS. The image of “Go to My Favorites” option is below. Just log in the And after that use the “Go to My Favorites” option which will not log the user in although the user already logged in.

    The bug is actually described in:

    Although we regarded it as duplicate, it tells the description of above bug. So it should be reopened if possible.

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