Laptop recommendations?

I’m pretty irritated with Apple these days, so have started looking around for non-Apple hardware. I’ve already picked up an Android phone (everything I need in a phone, turns out), but am looking for a replacement for my laptop (which I’m in the market to upgrade now anyhow). I probably won’t bother replacing (or upgrading) my iPad since I just really don’t use it that much.

Right now the soon-to-be-released Samsung Notebook 9 is looking pretty good. Are there other non-Apple laptops I should consider?


10 thoughts on “Laptop recommendations?

  1. Even though there website is ugly as hell (it was ugly, and has just been made uglier), the laptop I got from ZaReason works really really well, and their tech support is excellent.

  2. I have a new macbook air sitting beside a new lenovo T410. There is no comparison. The mac is a solid piece of aluminium, everything works and it weighs very little. The lenovo is a toy piece of plastic. I am not an apple fanboy (only started using macs 2 yrs ago) but apple has made my life much simpler as I don’t waste time on crap that doesn’t work.

    BTW, I don’t buy music so it doesn’t matter what system I use.

  3. It’s not just about music, but about books, magazines, newspapers, comic books, movies and any other content you can deliver digitally. Apple makes lovely things, it’s true, but they’re going too damn far with this now, and it turns out they’re not the only game in town anymore.

    I am specifically looking for hardware that isn’t a “toy piece of plastic”, which is why the Samsung is compelling.

  4. That little Samsung is pretty sexy looking. Really like the brushed gunmetal look. If it’s at all comparable spec-wise with an Air, I’d say Get That! In all likelihood, given that the Airs are still shipping with 2-year old Core 2 Duos, it’s entirely possible that the Samsung will outperform it. Probably not in battery life though.

  5. While I can only really comment on the Lenovo I have (W510), its certainly not a “toy piece of plastic” – the thing is built like a brick (without weighing like one). Some places, like the back of the screen, feel more solid than my unibody Macbook Pro. And the performance just doesn’t compare – my (not that old) Macbook Pro feels generations old.

    So congrats to moving away from Apple 🙂

  6. Even more frightening is that they’re moving to the same app store model for non-iDevices, and the same rules will likely apply. And then what? What’s the logical end game here?

    Just time to say “enough”.

  7. Maybe I’ll wait ’til all-hands and see what non-apple stuff people have. The alienware laptop has made me very very leery of ordering hardware I haven’t seen before.

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