Help test Personas Plus for Firefox 4

UPDATE: Please test personas-1.6.2rc2.xpi, not rc1, thanks!

A Release Candidate of the Personas Plus add-on for Firefox 4 is available on the FTP servers. The RC works both with the current nightly builds and Firefox 4 beta releases.

The more testers the better, so we could really use your help. You can download the add-on here: — you want to get personas-1.6.2rc2.xpi.

If you find any issues, please post a comment here or in the bug. Thanks!

Fun Riyria Revelations trivia

Did you know that “The Riyria Revelations” series is self-published? I had no idea until I saw this article yesterday.

That is completely awesome. It’s a great series. Unfortunately it looks like we’re going to have to wait for book 6, which will now be released as part of the re-edited and published-by-an-actual-publisher book 3. You know what? I’m ok with that — it’s so great to see someone create something so great and succeed through this sort of hard work and determination.

Laptop recommendations?

I’m pretty irritated with Apple these days, so have started looking around for non-Apple hardware. I’ve already picked up an Android phone (everything I need in a phone, turns out), but am looking for a replacement for my laptop (which I’m in the market to upgrade now anyhow). I probably won’t bother replacing (or upgrading) my iPad since I just really don’t use it that much.

Right now the soon-to-be-released Samsung Notebook 9 is looking pretty good. Are there other non-Apple laptops I should consider?

Crown Conspiracy & Avempartha

Finished two books while traveling yesterday — the last bits of Crown Conspiracy and all of Avempartha.

These are the first two books the six book “Riyria Revelations” series by Michael Sullivan — good, solid pulp fantasy in the grand tradition of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. Sullivan’s world has some depth, however, and the episodic tales are significantly more complex than you might initially think. The stories draw upon thousands upon thousands of years of history, and I suspect it’s all leading towards a…well…a revelation that will likely be one of the turning points in that history.

Great characters, well written, fast-paced, and altogether fun so far. Recommended.

New blog theme & stuff

My weblog has been languishing somewhat since the advent of Twitter and Instagram and the like, and I’ve decided that’s just wrong. To fix this, I’ve updated the theme to make it more Tumblr-bloggy and life-streamy.

Part of my new toolkit includes the handy “Express” iPhone app by the good folks who create Woothemes (which are pretty neat). This is my first (non-test) post using that app and the new theme. Let’s see how this all goes.