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So after living in denial for longer than I expected, I finally caved and picked up an iPad (wifi only, 64gb — Rogers, my data provider, can eat [dirt] if they think I’m buying a second iDevice data plan). Anyhow, it’s really quite fantastic except for one notable and surprising thing: the App Store just completely sucks. It’s just awful — impossible to browse for anything, navigation is a joke, etc etc.

If you want to find apps, you basically have to rely on third party review sites. Here are three that I’m finding handy: App Shopper (great, everything), Touch Arcade (ok, just games), and 148 Apps (mediocre, everything).

We got the iPads on Thursday last week and I’ve been spending quite a bit of time trying new apps, games, etc etc. Here’s a quick list of stuff I love so far (all links go directly to iTunes, sorry).

Not Games


Ok, that’s it for now. What iPad apps have you tried that you like and would recommend?

Updated to add Air Video.


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