Open Source Contributors blog meme!

I know these sorts of things can often be silly and annoying, but I’m really interested in hearing people’s stories about how they got involved with Open Source and what it has meant to them, both personally and professionally. I’m hoping this is fun and lightweight enough that everyone will take a few minutes and blog about their experiences. Everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to play.

The rules:

  1. Copy/paste these rules and questions into a blog post, answer the questions, then tag some other people (however many you like) and encourage them to do the same.
  2. Include a link to the original post.
  3. You don’t have to be tagged to take part — if you see this post and want to play, just dive on in. Simple!

The questions:

  1. How (and when) did you originally get involved with an open source project? Which projects have you contributed to?
  2. Why did you choose to contribute to an open source project?
  3. If you were to pick one or two people who have had a major influence on your involvement with open source, who would those people be? Why?
  4. How have you personally benefited from being involved with open source projects?
  5. What advice and/or encouragement would you give to someone who is considering getting involved with an open source project?

That’s it! I’ll post my own responses soon 🙂


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