Non-fic – Greater Than Yourself: The Ultimate Lesson of True Leadership

gtyI stumbled across an article called “Your Greater-Than-Yourself Project” by Steve Farber, and it was interesting enough that I bought the book.

The premise is fairly simple: You can help make the world a better place by finding and mentoring someone who you feel has amazing potential and help make them as successful as possible (ideally, of course, to be “greater than yourself”).

The greatest, most successful and well-respected leaders that I’ve encountered in my two decades of consulting, advising, writing, and speaking are not just helpful: they’ve come to understand that the true measure of their greatness as leaders is their ability to develop leaders who go on to surpass them — who rise to a level greater than themselves in skill, influence and ability.
– Steve Farber

The article outlines six pieces of advice to help you get started, which are expanded upon (in a roundabout way) in the book. It’s a fantastic premise, but I’d be curious to see how it works in action. The book doesn’t really get into a whole lot more detail — it’s written as a parable which makes for a quick read but glosses over the nitty-gritty. Worth reading, either way.

One thought on “Non-fic – Greater Than Yourself: The Ultimate Lesson of True Leadership

  1. Thanks for taking the time to summarize and post on this. A great reminder of what my most important job is right now — building leaders. A wonderful way to start my day (and nicely accompanied by a chevre omelet). Smiles.

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