Non-fic: Awesomely Simple

awesomely-simpleAwesomely Simple by John Spence – Business book outlining six “essential business strategies for turning ideas into action”. I sort of speed-read this on the plane to Mountain View earlier in the week, getting through it in a couple of hours, but I’ll be re-reading chunks of it soon. I’m not really qualified to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to business books, but I’ll put this one down as “worth reading” since I’ve already recommended it to a couple of people.


One thought on “Non-fic: Awesomely Simple

  1. Deb — thanks for reading my book — I am glad you felt it was worthy of a read and that you felt comfortable recommending it to your friends! My goal was to clearly communicate the essentials of running/managing a successful organization and give lots of ways to turn those ideas into positive action. I deeply appreciate the mention – thanks so much – take good care, John Spence

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