Planet Mozilla survey!

The Planet Mozilla team would like your help. Planet Mozilla is a central and vital part of the Mozilla Community, but we think it could be better. We’re looking for your input on what you think Planet is (or should be) for, how well it’s fulfilling that purpose, and how it could be improved or augmented to better serve our community.

Please take a few minutes of your time to answer our three short questions about Planet Mozilla. We really want as much feedback as possible, so you can also leave comments on this blog post if you have other questions, comments or insights about Planet or other Planet-related things. Thanks!

Planet Mozilla survey.


One thought on “Planet Mozilla survey!

  1. (I mentioned this on the survey.)

    I wish when I read meeting notes in that all headings from the originals didn’t vanish! E.g. has H2 “Agenda”, H3 “Action Items” and H4 “new” etc., but in these turn into h4, h5, h6 headings respectively each containing a single blank space instead of the heading text.

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