Testing WordPress2 for iphone

The good folks at Automattic have released a new WordPress app for the iPhone. Given that I am hoping to blog more, I figured I’d take it for a test run. If i can blog just as easily as I can tweet (which this app appears to make possible), I’m a lot more likely to do so.

Testing posting with an attached photo. Let’s see how this goes…

I’m also testing a new blog-feed twitterbot. Crazy times, indeed.


6 thoughts on “Testing WordPress2 for iphone

  1. @paul — I’ll use it for a couple of weeks and let you know. So far it’s great except for two things:

    1) I don’t seem to be able to reply to or post comments from the app. That’s going to have a pretty big impact in terms of it being for conversation rather than just broadcast/feedback. If I’ve just missed how to do this, let me know…it feels like a pretty major oversight.

    2) I’d like to have the option of posting attached pictures at the top of the post rather than the bottom. Ideally on a picture-by-picture basis — so I could have one picture at the top, and the rest at the bottom — but that might be asking too much 🙂

  2. @paul Sweet! I figured it had to be in there or in the works. I look forward to it. The app is really sweet and totally makes mobile blogging easier and more fun.

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