Researching telecommuting & distributed organizations

I’m looking recent (past 3-5 years) research, articles, books, blog posts, etc. about telecommuting and distributed organizations. If you know of any interesting material related to these topics — particularly stuff you feel is relevant to Mozilla — I would really appreciate it if you posted a comment here.



2 thoughts on “Researching telecommuting & distributed organizations

  1. Over the past several years my partner and I have reviewed over 250 studies on telework and related topics. We’ve interviewed dozens of virtual employers, employees, advocates, and even venture capitalists who’ve invested in the remote work model. Our research has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Washington Post, and dozens of other publications. Jack Nilles, the grandfather or telework, wrote the foreword for our recently released book, Undress For Success — The Naked Truth About Making Money at Home (John Wiley & Sons 2009). The book has won the praise of work-life and telework advocates including the Telework Coalition, Telework Canada, WorldatWork, and many others.

    We’ve also developed a free web-based Telework Savings Calculator that’s been used by company and community leaders throughout the U.S. and Canada to quantify the benefits of telework. Based on the latest U.S. Census American Community Survey figures and data from over a dozen authoritative studies, the Calculator quantifies what every city, county, region, Congressional District, and State in the nation could save through telework. The custom calculator page allows companies to change dozens of our standard assumptions to better model their own situations.

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