Do you read the about:mozilla newsletter?

Every week, the about:mozilla newsletter is published in four formats — html email, plaintext email, web feed, and as a blog post (which also gets syndicated through Planet). This array of formats makes it difficult to gather any stats about how many people read the newsletter, where they’re from, so on and so forth. I know how many people subscribe to the email version, but that’s about it.

This post lives at the other end of a link in the current newsletter which I’m hoping folks will click to help me gather some rough statistics about the newsletter’s readers.

If you’re here because you clicked the link, thank you! That’s all you need to do, and I appreciate you taking the time to help me out. If you have any other feedback about the newsletter, please leave a note in the comments here. Thanks!


28 thoughts on “Do you read the about:mozilla newsletter?

  1. I surely enjoy your letter .I am using 3.1 Beta 3 & I really like it . I have been a Firefox user since day 1 .I just wish Firefox would start up faster . Once up it is fine but just getting there . Keep up the good work with the news letter .

  2. Love the browser. Have been using it since it first came out with no regrets. Love the newsletter. Would love to see more info on the other Mozilla products as it seems very Firefox heavy but lite on your other great products. Keep up the awesome work.

  3. I love the newsletter. Although there are several e-mails that find their way to the trash-bin with opening them, I always read your newsletter and enjoy it’s contents. Keep up the good work!

  4. I often find me rading planet Mozilla, including the about:mozilla newsletter. Great reading, keep up the good work.

  5. Excellent – always read.

    In reply to Rich Woods above, I’ve made an interesting discovery. I read somewhere that the popular Spybot S&D immunization would slow down IE8, so I tried disabling the immunization. Not only did IE8 start respectably again, but Firefox startup time was halved! With Firefox’s built-in Google Safe Browsing, and IE8’s SmartScreen Filter, some of that functionality is redundant anyway. The odd tracking cookie never did get me that paranoid anyway 😉

  6. is my homepage that opens when I open Firefox, which I do every day. I read the dated news postings to learn about what is going on. As an end user who has no technical capability, I can’t do anything to help, but I do like to keep up on what’s going on. My thanks to everyone who works on Firefox. It is the best browser I know.

  7. Firefox is the best browser.Next to Chrome. The newsletter is great to follow the progress in development. I really look forward to the new Firefox, so yes, I read the Newsletter…

  8. I love the newsletter too!
    I’d like to have more updated and daily information about the development of Firefox versions either than the regular 3.0.8 one, ie the Shiretoko nightlies and the minefield ones, and what should we expect from each one, the new features,etc.

  9. I have used this browser since I found it a few years ago. It is the best, in my opinion.. I just found your newsletter, so, as is obvious, I probably am not getting all that is available to me. Now that I’ve found it, (the newsletter) I will become another of your fans. Keep up the good work.

  10. Great newsletter, allows me to be up to date with all the major news about Mozilla’s products (I love Firefox & Thunderbird).

  11. I love it!! Because I never liked Microsoft (too much programming, not enough let user decide) I thought I’d never get back on the web when Netscape went away. I was so, so happy to learn about Mozilla and talk it up every chance I get.
    I agree with the gentleman auditing KnowledgeBase. It’s also hard to find answers for electronically unsophisticated folk like me.
    Suggest adding a “Tips & Trick” to the newsletter

  12. Sometimes I think the newsletter is too much based on public relations stuff. While I appreciate the effort of the mozilla community and its leaders to stick out from nerdy open source stuff, I sometimes think it’s overdoing its thing.
    Still, I enjoy the newsletter to keep up with things. Most topics aren’t too relevant for me (because I don’t develop using the mozilla tools) but still, as a general review of what’s going on it’s really helpful. Please continue the work.

  13. Since you asked for feedback:

    I like the newsletter, but rarely read it all, it drones on across so many disparate topics. If each item was a separate post (I consume via the mozilla developer news feed) I’d always be able to read the ones that interested me and skip the ones that didn’t, without skipping a bunch of others.

  14. I enjoy your newsletter and the add-ons newsletter both via email. I subscribe to numerous e-letters and RSS feeds. Mozilla obviously is an organization of many gifted and dedicated people with the support of many volunteers. The Mozilla, Netflix, Slashdot and Google paradigm should be required study for students of computer science and “real” economics. Thanks so much.

  15. I would like a bit more technical content. And more about Firefox 3.5 – the problems and successes…

    I am a Java developer, I am especialy interested in the JIT used in Firefox 3.5.

  16. I love about:mozilla, I just wish it were more “findable”–I didn’t know it existed until weeks after I started working for Mozilla, and even then, I didn’t actually know where to find it until weeks after that.

    As gardened content, about:mozilla is excellent for keeping up-to-date on the big picture of what Mozilla’s up to without reading a “wall of text”, and it’s also an excellent gateway into getting involved in the community. As such, I wish it were linked-to from more high-visibility places, so that it can be leveraged as much as possible.

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