Best Web demos?

The Mozilla Evangelism team is looking for the best Web demos we can find. We’re putting together a collection of these to show what today’s Web is truly capable of — from offline Web application support through text animation using canvas and more. If you have or know of a demo that really shines as an example of modern Web capabilities, please leave a comment and a link. Thanks!

Update: Bonus points for demos that show off the new content-related features of Firefox 3.


18 thoughts on “Best Web demos?

  1. I really like how Farecast ( ) refines the display of searches for flights. Perform a search and then on the resulting page modify the results that should be displayed with the side bar on the left. The main result list is immediately rendered to reflect the new paramters.

    I did some brief calculations and found that it’s about 47 scillion times nicer to use than the terrible search interfaces that have you start over, after having forgotten your initial parameters, to refine a search.

    I don’t know how the authors of every other flight search interface in the world sleep at night.

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