Empowering users

Tim O’Reilly today talks about Better Gmail, a new Firefox add-on that Gina Trapani (of Lifehacker1) put together from bits and pieces of other add-ons other folks have put together. The add-on credit reads:

Creator: Gina Trapani, using scripts by Mihai Parparita and others, compiled using Anthony Lieuallen’s Greasemonkey Compiler.

Not only is the add-on indescribably cool, it also demonstrates the power of open standards, open development, and collaboration. As O’Reilly puts it, “The users themselves are evolving the browser.”

This is why I love Mozilla. This is why I love what I do2. Everything Mozilla does is focused on doing what’s right, what’s best for the Web, and what’s best for users. And sometimes something like this happens and just blows my mind because it’s working and we can see it and we’re actually making a difference. It sure makes the insanity worthwhile.

1 – Pretty much the most useful site ever.
2 – Yes, it can get gnarly and frustrating and crazy and exhausting, but it’s worth every second.


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