Twit, twit, twoo: coffee-fueled ramblings about Twitter and The Coop

So…maybe it’s just me, but I have yet to figure out a simple way of searching for people’s accounts on Twitter in order to befriend/follow them. It’s been a long time since I had to hack a URL to do this sort of thing1 and it bewilders me every time.

Anyhow, I want more twitter friends. You can find my page here and add me if you like. I’m even considering making my updates public, which is unusual since I tend to be a relatively quiet and guarded person. Twitter is entrancing me in new and unusual ways. Is it a mini-blog? Is it a chatroom? Is it an instant messenger? Is it a link sharing service? It’s being used as all these things and more, and it’s absolutely fascinating to see what people will do with such a simple tool.

Twitter + The Coop

Speaking of Twitter, I’d like to see it integrated with The Coop sometime. Being able to post/receive twitters that way would be pretty slick. Having a Joga-like notification system (that can be easily turned on/off to minimize unwanted distractions) would be neat, too.

Joga notification

Since I’m on the topic, here are a bunch of other ideas I have for The Coop:

  • integrate Skype for one-click calling
  • use it as a Web feed handler so as to subscribe to friend’s blog feeds and get update notifications through it
  • use it as a microformat handler for phone numbers, addresses and the like
  • be able to tag your Coop-mates into groups for quick multi-person sharing of links and files (?)
  • IM integration for quick and easy IM-status notification
  • one-click “send mail to…”
  • one-stop “update all my statuses at once” functionality
  • view friend’s status regardless of service — twitter, facebook, whatever
  • etc. — the list goes on and on really

I doubt these are all phenomenal ideas, but The Coop has a huge amount of potential as an integrator/aggregator for any/all services and such that can be grouped by person. I find it all quite exciting.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t taken the time to learn how to hack add-ons (at this point I’m sort of waiting for FUEL), so I have zero ability to actually follow through on my 3am braincrumbs. In the meanwhile, I’ll keep watching Twittervision.

Note: The Coop source is available in public SVN, as Myk mentions over here, if you’re interested in hacking and contributing.

1 – This is actually a lie. I hack URLs almost daily, but it still bewilders me.


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