Unbelievably tired

Today was a travel day — back from a week in Mountain View where we had all manner of fun and I got to see a bunch of my coworkers I only get to see every 3 months or so. After a week away (left last Saturday, played tourist Sunday, worked/played 8am-10pm M-F, home again today) I’m just really, really, really tired.

Tomorrow I’m going to sleep as much as humanly possible, and when I can’t actually sleep I’ll sit in bed watching TV and playing with my brand new Playstation Portable. I’ve resisted buying this particular game device for a long time, but was finally sold when a) they dropped the price (it used to be $300, but it’s down to $170), and b) I heard about Puzzle Quest. Puzzle Quest is, essentially, Bejeweled crossed with a tactics-style Role Playing Game. It’s very much as if someone sat down and designed a game just for me.

I played Puzzle Quest on the plane from San Jose to Chicago, then again on the plane from Chicago to Ottawa. I just played it again for a while, probably putting in, all told, about 6 hours today. It’s terribly fun and I’m still absolutely awful at it, so this isn’t a “master in 5 mins get bored in 3 days” sort of game. Mm, games.

I also picked up Loco Roco because it’s just about the cutest game ever made. I giggle like a fool pretty much the whole time I’m playing, which is worth every single penny. The Loco Roco flash site there is pretty nuts, so here’s the Metacritic page as well.

While playing tourist last weekend I managed to fill a 1gb flash card with photos of various bits of California. We did this crazy roadtrip through the mountains, down to Monterey to see the aquarium, along 17 Mile Drive to Carmel where we tootled around town a bit, then all the way back up the coast to San Francisco by way of Highway 1. The weather was absolutely perfect. We seriously considered staying another week, but maybe next time. At least it’s not actually snowing in Ottawa right now, unlike when we left.

I’ll post the pictures to my Flickr account when I’ve processed some of ’em. Now, however, I think I’m going to go pass out.


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