Some food blogs

I’ve entirely given up on the autoposter system (again, goddammit), so my random links will be less random from here on in. I’ve been thinking about food again lately (it’s a cyclical thing), and have recently started looking for new food blogs that are worth reading regularly. Here are a couple:

  • The Perfect Pantry – Pantry items and things to make with them.
  • Smitten Kitchen – No particular theme that I’ve noticed at this point, but well written and photographed and generally fun.
  • French Laundry at Home – Extraordinarily ambitious, this blogger is creating at least one dish out of the French Laundry Cookbook every week. Definitely not the sort of cooking I have patience for, but reading about it is fun.

There you go. Later I might talk about the new cookbook I got (recommended by Shona via Stuart), but right now I’m too busy reading it. I wish cookbooks came with electronic versions of the recipes that I could import into my recipe management software so I didn’t have to do all that by hand.


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