MarsEdit and Blogging

The new year is quickly approaching, and with it the irrational desire to resolve to be a better person. One of my potential new year’s resolutions (which, for what it’s worth, tend to last roughly through mid-February) is to actually blog more. I continue to be torn about blogging, with my inner privacy nut wrestling constantly and valiantly with my inner exhibitionist, but there’s no real reason to not write more, since there are roughly 3 people who read this thing (excepting “Work” posts which get syndicated and read by untold thousands).

With the intention of blogging more, I’m starting to test some new blogging and other related tools. Right now I’m writing this post in MarsEdit which I’m trying because I’m also trying NetNewsWire again (in my ongoing struggle to find a web feed reader that doesn’t basically annoy me all the time). MarsEdit apparently integrates nicely with NetNewsWire which, in turn, apparently integrates with which I’m also trying again since fell off the net for a while then came back with stupid ads and crappier service. Of course I’m having problems getting the auto-blog-post tool to work, but nothing new there. (Aside to extend and simplify those tools a little, being able to filter autoposted links by tag would be seriously awesome).

Ok, that’s a long enough test post for now. Let’s see how this goes.

Update: Seems to work just fine. Cool.


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