Travel Day

Uneventful if typically annoying travel day today. Headed out at 10:30a Eastern for a noon flight, 2 hr layover in Chicago, then out to San Jose for a 6:00p Pacific arrival. Made it to the hotel OK, but made the very foolish mistake of not getting cash at the airport. Ho ho. I will not be making that mistake again. Getting food is going to be challenging since I can’t find an ATM (people here look at you funny when you ask for a “bank machine”, so “ATM” it is) and the Wendy’s across the street has a non-functional Interac machine. Crapsticks. Of course at this point it’s 11:10p Eastern and I’m fading fast. I’ll probably just skip dinner and get up bright and early to take fullest advantage of the complimentary continental breakfast.

Anyhow, for those of you who care (hi Mom! hi Dad!) I made it here safely. Will be flying back to Ottawa on Saturday.


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