Shifting my role within Mozilla

I joined Mozilla in Feb of 2005, brought in to devise and implement a plan to improve the quantity and quality of our developer-facing documentation and communication. The result of those efforts is the Mozilla Developer Center which now has several thousand pages of documentation, is the central source for news and announcements regarding Mozilla development, and in October averaged over 850,000 page views per day.

This has been a phenomenally educational project for me and wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the many volunteers who have put their time and expertise into the project as a whole. Particularly I would like to thank Nickolay Ponomarev (aka “asqueella”) who has been a valuable part of the project since its earliest days. The other volunteers who I should thank are far too numerous to name here, but hopefully I’ve made my appreciation clear over time.

One of the most important (and best) decisions I’ve made during my work on MDC is to hire Eric Shepherd to work full-time on Mozilla developer documentation. Sheppy joined the team and got up to speed incredibly quickly, subsequently proving himself fully capable of managing the MDC documentation set. Such being the case, we promoted Sheppy to Developer Documentation Lead several months ago, and he is now wholly responsible for managing the MDC wikis and documentation.

Now my role has also shifted within Mozilla. I am no longer Mozilla’s “Developer Relations Lead”, instead now part of the Products team under Chris Beard and Basil Hashem working on Firefox 3 and Mozilla Labs. My time will be split between these two projects, helping coordinate and drive the planning process for each. I’m at once excited and terrified by the whole idea, and I hope I can dive in and start adding value as soon as possible.

So, while I’ll continue lurking around MDC sporadically making a nuisance of myself, you should contact Eric Shepherd about everything related to developer documentation and the MDC wikis, and Mike Shaver about pretty much anything else.


4 thoughts on “Shifting my role within Mozilla

  1. “is the central source for news and announcements regarding Mozilla development”

    careful, you’ll make jealous! šŸ™‚

  2. “is the central source for news and announcements regarding Mozilla development”careful, you’ll make jealous! šŸ™‚

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