In Seattle

Left Ottawa at some ungodly hour this morning (4:30a) and after a quick pitstop in Detroit am now in (not so) sunny Seattle. A few notes:

  1. Flying on Sundays is utterly humane compared to Mondays. Both flights were on time, and the first was 1/3rd empty.
  2. Detroit’s airport is much nicer than Chicago’s. This may be because it was 7:00a on a Sunday and basically empty, and Detroit has a much trippier tunnel between terminals.
  3. Sleeping on airplanes only barely counts as sleep if you’re stuck in the aisle seat.
  4. People in Seattle are really nice.
  5. This hotel has duckies.

I’m only here for a conference tomorrow then off to Mountain View for the rest of the week. I will be offline all of Monday, but will be back Tuesday (albeit in the wrong timezone). Flying back Saturday morning, although through Chicago with (for some stupid reason) a 4.5 hour layover. Not quite sure how I let that happen.


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