On browser profiles, bookmarks, and trains

Last night I decided that it was time (for no real reason) to start fresh with a brand new Firefox profile. The profile I had been using was old and crufty, dating from at least the DeerPark Alpha days. Of course, a new profile means no bookmarks, so I have a choice: I can either use my old bookmark file, or I can start fresh.

My bookmark file, I discovered, is 1.5mb.

I’ve decided to start fresh. Instead of piling all those bookmarks back into my browser file, I’m going to hand select the few I use all the time and stash all the other used-only-occassionally-or-just-the-one-time bookmarks over in my Jots online bookmarking account.

Usually I have Jots post my daily bookmarks to my weblog, but since I’m going to be adding several hundred to it over the next few days, I’ve disabled that particular feature for the time being. If you would like to see what I’ve got stashed over there, you can go check out my whole Jots bookmark collection. You can even subscribe to its RSS feed if you like.

Exciting times.

I also picked up a copy of the train game so I can experience the joys of train time like my friend phik.


3 thoughts on “On browser profiles, bookmarks, and trains

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