Upcoming changes to MDC (aka: Devmo)

Just a quick note/warning — we’re going to be making some relatively extensive, albeit individually minor, changes to the pages in the MDC wikis.

First, we’re going to be changing the category system to streamline document organization and to make it easier to find stuff. Second, we’re going to be revamping the various main “topic” pages, again to streamline organization and improve usability. If you’re interested in the details, they’ve been discussed here: summary, full final thread (there were a few earlier threads if you’re interested enough to dig through the archives).

For the most part this will have no impact on users or authors except the categorization system will be a little erratic for the week or two it takes to get the work finished. If you have any questions about this or anything else related to the MDC, please feel free to contact me at deb@mozilla.com, or via the dev-mdc mailing list / mozilla.dev.mdc newsgroup. Thanks.

Update: If you’re interested in helping with the category changes, please come to the #devmo channel on irc.mozilla.org, particularly if you have any questions.

Two “type”-style subcategories we won’t be changing are the Tools and Community subcategories. Those will be left as they are.


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