website content licensing, revisited

Last May we went through the process of finally getting all of the content on the and websites under a single license. That license is the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike License version 2.0. What we neglected to do at that time was get contributors’ permission to update that license to the newer versions as they came available.

As it stands, the Creative Commons Attribute-Sharealike license is up to version 2.5. We would like to update our relevant license texts to include the phrase “or any later version”, so we do not have to continue going through this process each time the Creative Commons issues an updated version of the license.

As was the case last May, we believe that legally we can do this without obtaining individual permissions from each contributor, but we want to respond to concerns people may have. If you have contributed content to the or websites in the past, and if you have any concerns about the content license being updated in this manner, please contact me ( at your earliest convenience. If you are happy with this plan, you need do nothing.

We intend to finalize the new license text on March 15th, 2006, so please make your concerns known prior to that date.


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