Spring Cleaning in Late January

The up side to my mild attention-deficit affliction is that I am sporadically blessed with excessive obsessive-compulsive tendencies. This weekend I ended up, somewhat spontaneously, cleaning out (as in emptying) the entire upstairs storage space of our condo. This space is about 16′ long, 5′ wide, and 4′-6′ high (sloped ceiling). When we moved it we stashed a bunch of stuff in it and proceeded to fill it over the intervening 18 months with random stacks of Other Stuff.

It all came out. Empty boxes are going in the recycling next week (there were an alarming number of empty boxes). Half-full storage bins were consolidated with other half-full storage bins. Non-empty boxes were emptied, sorted, and repacked. Various chunks of random old computer gear have been tagged to go to the computer-recycling center. The result was a huge amount of empty space in the storage area.

Which I promptly filled.

New additions to the storage space: an old oak coffee table that weighs about 4000 lbs and really doesn’t fit conveniently anywhere in the condo, an antique rocking chair that’s very nice but also just has no where to live right now, and the queen-size futon which has been essentially serving as an oversized luxury cat bed. Also not making the “it needs to be out here” cut: 9 boxes of various books that neither of us are likely to read in the next few years.

The next trick? I bet you can guess! IKEA, the fabulous purveyors of half-decent, inexpensive furniture that you don’t feel too badly about destroying and/or throwing away in 3-5 years! Yep. I’m not a huge fan of our “disposable culture” or anything, but when you’re living in a rental and haven’t got the faintest clue what sort of Real Estate you will eventually buy, cheap and disposable is the order of the day. Besides, I’d feel pretty retarded paying $4000 for a wardrobe to put my $300 worth of jeans and tshirts in.

Ok! Off to measure things!


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