Things that are exhausting, #10983

I started a “book blog” the other day over here. The original idea was to collate the interesting bits and pieces from various places across the Mighty Intertron that a) interested me, and b) might interest someone else. But let me tell you something: the internet is Chock Full of websites related to books, and they are all updated Quite Frequently.

Honestly, I don’t have this kind of time, and I swear to god if I read about the Whitbread Award one more time I’m going to scream.

Clearly I am not cut out for the book blogging business.

That said, however, I am not retiring Parchment Moon. It will live on as a book-related blog, but the content is going to be largely me jibbering on aimlessly about books I’ve actually been reading. Like (or, more accurately, quite unlike) American Tragedy (haven’t quite found the inspiration to pick that one back up yet, which is a bad sign…might give it another go tomorrow, but if that doesn’t work, it’s getting shuffled back to the bottom of the stack). Sporadically, I imagine, I’ll post bits and pieces of Particularly Fascinating Book News, but not like I originally intended.

Ok, that’s all. Bye.


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