Shared Whiteboard App?

I’m looking for a shared online whiteboard application. Ideally:

  • It will be free and open source. Free is necessary. Open source is a clear “nice to have”, but not absolutely necessary.
  • It will allow whiteboard sessions to be saved and loaded.
  • It will have background options — ie: the background could be quadruled for simple charting, etc.
  • It will not require Flash or other plugins.
  • It will have a variety of brushes or shape-drawing tools. This one isn’t strictly necessary, but it’d sure be nice to have.
  • It will be cross-platform (in an ideal world, it will “just work” in, say, Firefox 1.5).

Don’t suppose anyone could point me at something like this? Thanks!


16 thoughts on “Shared Whiteboard App?

  1. Yeah, unfortunately I’m looking for a drawing whiteboard more than a text whiteboard. I’ve found a few that are close-ish to what I’m looking for, but not quite there :/

  2. I’m looking for something very similar but with a few distinct caveats. I run a wordpress blog with multiple authors and I want a shared whiteboard in the admin area that all the staff can use to leave notes for one-another.
    Basically I need a but don’t know how to put one specifically in the admin dashboard. Can anyone help?

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