Left my house at 3:45pm Eastern yesterday, and finally got into my hotel room at 3:00am Pacific. I really dislike traveling. Here’s the summary:

  • Ottawa to Toronto: Initial flight delay of ~ 15 mins.
  • Ottawa to Toronto: De-icing delay of ~20 mins.
  • Ottawa to Toronto: Arrival gate is broken. Stuck on plane for ~20-25 mins while the pilot yells at the GTA Authority.

Punchline: I was supposed to arrive in Toronto at ~6:15 or so. Ended up making it through customs to the SF departure gate closer to 8:00. Boarded almost immediately.

  • Toronto to SFO: Full flight. Full flight full of people with too much baggage. Delay of ~20 mins or so while the really snippy airline attendant derides us all for overpacking (and to move unchecked baggage to the cargo hold).
  • Toronto to SFO: Otherwise a generally eventless flight. Watched The Cinderella Man without audio. Even without audio the movie sucks. I ended up playing “count the cinematic cliches” for lack of anything better to do.
  • We actually managed to land at SFO 2 mins early. The attendant was quite pleased with himself about that.

Punchline: well, nothing really. Flying is boring and annoying.

  • SFO: Haul baggage about 18000 miles through the airport from Terminal 1 to The Car Rental Center. Yay. (I don’t drive, but I flew from TO to SFO with Beltzner, and he was renting a minivan.)
  • SFO: Rental Car Place doesn’t appear to have a car for Beltzner. Beltzner curses and gets in line. Eventually he speaks to an attendant and they tell him “ha ha, sucker, we have you on the list we just didn’t put you on the board. Your vehicle is in spot 139.” We leave. There is no vehicle in spot 139. Beltzner curses some more. Eventually we get a ride. It’s a blue minivan with the world’s worst stereo.
  • After a quick stop for food, get to the hotel. Check in. An hour and a half later, repack and head back to the front desk to get a heated room. WTF. Hint: when it’s below 10C, heat your rooms. Eventually passed out at ~ 3:15am Pacific.

I have pretty awesome travel-karma, clearly.


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