XBox SchmexBox

Boolean got a brand new XBox360 yesterday. From what I’ve heard, this is nothing short of a minor miracle since they managed to sell out of the damned things seemingly before stores even opened. Remarkable.

Anyhow, while Boolean was out and about on his ongoing shopping extravaganza (xbox, games, some sort of special cable, memory card, beer), he bought me a present: a brand new (blue!) Nintendo DS! Knowing that new game systems are basically useless without games, he also picked up a copy of Nintendogs which, essentially, boils down to being a puppy simulator. It’s unspeakably cute.

Since Boolean was all caught up driving some seriously shiny virtual cars around, I ran off to the bookstore, stopping at the game shop long enough to pick up three more DS titles: MarioKart, Sims2, and Trace Memory. Quick reviews: MarioKart is fun, Sims2 is fun (but not even remotely Simmish), and Trace Memory (so far) is a lot of really boring dialogue interspersed by me getting annoyed because I’m already stuck. Chances are good that I’ll pick up a few more games today. Currently my “to buy” list is: Kirby, Space Invaders Revolution, Zoo Keeper, Lost in Blue, and Advance Wars.

If you know of any DS games you might think I’d like, feel free to leave a comment. I’m actively looking for recommendations, particularly for RPGs, Puzzle games, and Adventure titles (or interesting FPSs such as Tomb Raider or No One Lives Forever).


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