Macro Lens

Today I finally treated myself and picked up a Nikon 60mm f/2.8 D macro lens. Naturally, in the hour or so I’ve had to play with it, I’ve taken nothing but a bunch of poorly lit, full-autofocus, mostly crappy test shots, but that’s how it goes, I suppose.

The following shot is one of the more presentable test shots. It’s a monochromed macro shot of a pigeon feather I picked up on our porch the other day. The feather is about 1.5″ long. I could have got closer, but not without losing more of the depth of field. All in all, I’m pretty darned happy with this lens. Hopefully tomorrow’s weather will cooperate and we’ll get out to take some pictures. Otherwise, I’ll be hitting the hardware store to get the basic gear for a home macro studio 🙂


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