Not much going on, really…

Clearly, I will never be an Internet Rock Star, if for no other reason than I just don’t update my weblog regularly enough.

Work has been busy lately, although less so for the last couple of weeks than the two weeks before that. My project moved from Alpha to Beta testing stages, and getting things ready for that pretty much consumed most waking moments for quite a while. Since the change over I’ve been mostly puttering, making sure that everything is working as it should be, doing some project housekeeping, so on and so forth. So far, so good.

On the non-work-related side of things, I’ve been mostly playing with my new camera, learning stuff about processing RAW format photos (which is trickier than originally anticipated, but seems to be working out ok), and mucking about with new photo gallery software. It’s all fun. Unfortunately, it rained all weekend so I didn’t get a chance to deploy the new gear. Alas.

I’ve also been teaching myself how to use Adobe InDesign for no apparent reason. Adobe InDesign is software for doing print layout and design. It’s extraordinarily powerful, extremely cool, and actually a whole lot of fun. The chances of me ever using it in a professional capacity are essentially nil, but I have a few personal projects I might put together. If nothing else, it’s teaching me some of the fundamental differences between print and web publishing (which are Many), which will come it handy some day, I’m sure. Eventually. Or something. Either way, I like learning new stuff, and print is definitely a new world for me.


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