I’m no longer going to physiotherapy. At $45/visit with only a fraction of that covered by our insurance, it’s just not feasible. Alas. Massage therapy is even worse (I went once, I will not be going back) as it’s $70/hr. Given how little effect physio and massage therapy were having, it’s really just not worth the money. Out of this whole several week ordeal, I’ve learned the following things:

  • Sitting in front of a computer for more than four hours/day is potentially dangerous, according to experts. Averaging at 12+ hrs/day, I’m clearly wicked Xtreme.
  • Exercise is good. Also, fun. Also, it requires actual athletic footwear, or it will wreck your ankles. I will be getting a new pair of Nikes this afternoon.
  • Massage therapy hurts. Like someone poking you under your shoulderblades with an icepick sort of hurt. I’m sorry, but seriously, if I’m gonna give someone $70/hr for a massage, it’s going to be at a spa, thanks. What the hell?

Anyhow, that’s the end of physio yet again. I’m continuing on with the gym, of course, since a) it’s fun, b) it gets me away from the computer for a while, c) it’s good for me, and d) it’s not expensive. Hoorah.

Later I’m going to the dentist. On the way, I’m gonna buy a (muchly belated) present for my dad’s birthday and a pair of sneakers. And maybe a book. Such fun. (It’s really nice outside.)


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