Busy. Busy busy busy.

Here’s something I’ve discovered about working for Mozilla: there is always and forever an Infinite amount of work to do. Luckily we tend to divide that infinity up amongst a fairly large group of people, but infinity, even divided by infinity, is still infinity. At times it can all be a little overwhelming.

This week I’ve been buried in the wiki again, trying to get the topic page reformatting done (secondary) and figuring out how to make categories work (primary). Categories are largely sorted out now, and a bunch of the pages have been cleaned up, but to finish the rest I have to finish redoing the Topic pages. So, switching back to that task now, then back to category cleanup afterwards. Then I have to figure out what to do about the JavaScript Reference and Guide while continuing to fret about the new wiki skin design (WordPress skin design is done and looks fantastic).

Anyhow, much much more work to be done. The whole point, of course, is to get everything ready to go for taking Devmo to Beta stage, and we’re getting there. All things considered, I think it’s going pretty well. 🙂

Of course, my work stuff has been keeping me busy (upswing in the energy cycle) so I’ve been spending time on that instead of on other things, but that’s ok. I long ago learned to embrace these manic times to get a bunch of work done all at once to make up for the occassional anti-manic days I find myself mired within. I’d do this in school, too — a week and a half of furiously working on my thesis followed by four days of doing nothing except sitting on the couch watching X-Files on tape. Upswing, downswing. The only time it’s a problem is if I try to fight it — trying to get serious work done on a downswing is like trying to make a penguin fly. All you end up with is a cranky penguin and a bitten finger.

Righto. Back to it.


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