Friday afternoon

So I had this big long post all written up, but then I realized it said, basically, the following:

  • Wednesday night, Rob and I watched The Machinist, starring an alarmingly emaciated Christian Bale. It’s not a bad movie, and would recommend it as a weeknight time-killer.
  • Thursday night ended up being TV night. TV basically sucks, especially during re-run season.
  • Tonight is BBQ Night: Redux. We’re having slow-baked pork ribs, beef kabobs, and turkey-wrapped-in-bacon kabobs. I suspect there will be wine and beer.
  • I haven’t written anything because I’ve been otherwise occupied, but I have been keeping up with my workouts. Yay me!

Pretty much a “this is what I did with my day” sort of weblog post, which I’m trying to avoid. I’m only posting this because I really don’t have anything particularly useful to say at the moment, mostly because I’m hugely distracted by the smell of slow-baking pork ribs. Mmmf.


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