Long Weekend

Two days, two backyard bar-be-ques, zero writing done. On Saturday afternoon our friends procured a brand new charcoal grill at Canadian Tire. After a run to the stores for beer and meat and half an hour of set up, we proceded to smoke out the entire neighbourhood, “seasoning” said grill for two hours. We’re surprised that the fire department didn’t show up, to be honest. Shortly afterwards we started to cook, as it was getting dark. By the time the meat was finished (chicken, ribeye steaks, pork ribs), it was, in fact, 10pm and pitch black. All good. The food was absolutely fantastic.

The food was so good, in fact, that we repeated the entire process on Sunday, except starting earlier (4pm) and skipping the 2 hour seasoning smoke-a-thon. Just burgers, potatos, and corn on the cob this time, but still excellent. More so because we managed to eat while it was still light outside. After this weekend’s festivities, I am absolutely sold on charcoal grills. Gas is easier and more convenient, of course, but food grilled over charcoal is just tastier. Yum. Double yum.

Of course, having spent most of the last two days sitting in a lawn chair tending a grill and drinking (fulfilling my duty as a Canadian on a long weekend in summer), I’ve totally failed to do anything else. No reading, no writing, no cleaning, no working out, etc etc. And, really, that’s OK by me. Regularly scheduled silliness will begin again tomorrow.


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