Ah, Friday

Canadians seem to have it bred into them that the Friday before a long weekend is actually part of the weekend, and is thus only sort of a pretend work day, if it actually turns out to be a work day at all. This is a hard habit to break, even if you love your job (as I do) and have a whole lot of stuff to get done (as I do). I did manage to make it clear through to 2:30pm before cracking a Mike’s and calling it a day, which isn’t so bad. The best part is that I managed to finish up a particularly irksome bit of work that needed to be done, so that won’t be hanging over my head come Monday.

Monday, of course, is a holiday in Canada, but I’ll end up working part of it since the rest of the world are a bunch of no-long-weekend suckers. Note that I am thus utterly remorseless about a few hours of slackery this afternoon.

Tonight’s fit of writing clocked in at 2048 words, and was largely an exploratory piece about two odd characters who have been poking around my brain for the last few days. It turns out that they actually fit into the story of another character I sketched out recently. Interesting. They’ve even managed to wrap a setting around themselves, so I know where they live, what they do, and what the general environment around them is like.

What’s strange is that everything every writer has ever said about how characters tell you their stories once you start to get into them is absolutely true. (You’d think that after reading it the first 30-40 times I might start to believe it.) One character was born out of a single line of dialogue. I wrote that at the top of the page, then just continued the rest of the scene. That scene turned into another scene which eventually turned into four pages of exploration where she told me all sorts of crazy things about herself. She brought with her a somewhat odd history, a couple of other characters, and an entirely plausible way that she fits in with the other characters I have recently discovered. This is all somewhat unexpected in that when I wrote that line of dialogue at the top of the page, I thought I was working on something in a completely different genre than where it ended up.

Turns out, writing is a hell of a lot of fun.


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