Dream Tivo

Snippet from IRC this morning:

[07:54] i dreamed most of an episode of CSI last night
[07:55] murder at an art gallery followed by a robbery attempt by some hamfisted thieves armed with grenades
[07:55] it was neat because the episode focused on showing how the CSIs and normal people react differently to crime scenes and the stuff that happens in and around them
[07:56] I, of course, was a CSI
[07:56] later, i had a dream about a high school, but it was much less intricate

Does anyone else have whole-episode dreams like that? They happen to me relatively regularly and are always quite a lot of fun. During my X-Files days I probably dreamed a half dozen full episodes (one in which Mulder died when he got crushed by a train, but somehow Scully developed a weird psychic link to his spirit long enough to sort out the criminal conspiracy surrounding his final demise).

I’ve also dreamed whole books, including one during my thesis that I really wish actually existed because it was perfect for what I was working on.

Anyhow. I have seriously bizarro-world dreams sometimes. Sometimes they get too scary tho and I wake up screaming. I hate when that happens.


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