Exciting times…

5:18pm: I’ve just started the process of installing Mac OS X Tiger on my laptop.

5:22pm: Installation DVD Check is 82% finished.

5:23pm: Preparing for Installation. Lots of DVD drive activity.

5:25pm: Installation started.

Aside: Reading Mind Hacks on my Safari Bookshelf on the desktop while this process goes on.

5:29pm: Time remaining says “About 40 mins”.

5:31pm: Time remaining says “About 27 mins”.

Aside: I hope this doesn’t eat my data.

5:34pm: I take some pictures of my workspace.

5:40pm: Time remaining says “About 4 mins”.

5:47pm: Optimizing System Performance.

5:48pm: Restarting lappy!

5:52pm: Restarted. Now it’s thinking. Some more thinking.

Oo! Set up assistant!

6:01pm: Losing my mind. The Dashboard is SO WICKED.

Signing off for now…more updates from lappy when I install on compy…


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