About Longhorn

As many people may have noticed, Microsoft has been yelling a lot this week about how awesome Longhorn is, how it’s graphically superior, how it represents a massive investment in security improvements, how it has all sorts of new and awesome features.

They’re having issues with their tenses. Everything I’ve read this week is in the present tense, like Longhorn is available right now. But it’s not. Current promise is that it will ship “in time for Christmas 2006”. Let me check my calendar…Christmas 2006 is in twenty months. That’s not now. That’s not anywhere close enough to being now to talk about it in the present tense.

The big conference (Windows Hardware Engineering Conference) doesn’t seem to be going very well. There’s a bunch of stories coming out of it, but some of the really exciting quotes are along the lines of, “it’s like watching a train wreck,” and:

Longhorn is in complete disarray and in danger of collapsing under its own weight: Since WinHEC 2004, Microsoft hasn’t shipped a single public beta release of the product, which is now delayed until late 2006. Now, we get a new build of Longhorn, finally, but it’s surprisingly similar to the version we got last year. In fact, it’s almost less exciting, because it looks more like the existing Windows version—Windows XP—than the year-ago version did. You can literally see the backtracking.

Just for fun, I went out and grabbed a handful of screenshots from the various previews of Longhorn that Microsoft has given over the years (2002-2005)….

Update: I’ve removed the screenshots because apparently Microsoft is being retarded about it, and I just don’t feel like dealing with that (not that my blog gets enough traffic to get noticed, but still, better safe than…not).



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