Things I would do if I had infinite time…

1) I would start many, many more wikis. These would be wikis about all sorts of crazy things, and chances are that only one or two would ever amount to anything, if that. Still, I would start them, and I would do what I could to fill ’em up and promote them and get more people adding to them, and so forth. Wikis, I have discovered, can eat your life, however, so I figure just the one will do for now.

2) I would play, to completion, in no particular order: Neverwinter Nights (all three campaigns); Diablo II + Lord of Darkness expansion pack; Dungeon Siege + Expansion pack; Bard’s Tale (maybe…it looked a little weak); Morrowind: Game of the Year edition; Thief 3. There are several others.

3) I would read the ridiculously massive pile of books that I own but have not yet read. I would also bum a few books off some select friends and read those, too. I would sit on a patio somewhere with huge pitchers of iced tea and an unending supply of popsicles, and I would read my way through an entire summer. I have fond memories of doing just that during summer holidays when I was a kid. Popsicles and the entire Hardy Boys series, for example, on a lawn chair in the backyard at my folk’s house beside the pool. (There’s something in that story that probably explains my current love for crime drama.)

4) I would sit down and finally learn all this DOM and CSS and JavaScript stuff properly. CSS positioning still makes my brain hurt as often as not. I have lots of ideas for cool web designs, I just never get around to doing anything with them. I’d like to do a bunch of WordPress themes, for example, and a few dozen MediaWiki skins. This is something I’m more likely to get to than some of the others, however, so there is hope here!

Well, there’s four things I’d do. There are others, but now my head is getting all filled with cool ideas and vague frustration, so I’ll stop.


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