Gadgetry downgrading

I got a new cellphone yesterday. I’ve been using Treos for, oh, 3 years or so, getting as far up that gadgetry food-chain as the Treo 600. It really is a great unit — decent phone, data for email + surfing, SMS, full palmOS PDA, upgradeable memory (I have a 128mb SD card in mine), etc etc etc. Tons and tons of features, great, solid, clean-lined little unit, perfect for people on the go.

I’m just not on the go any more. Now, you may say, “But wait, Deb, didn’t you just get a new job that has you traveling more now than you have in the past 5 years?” This is true, but my new job also provided me with a laptop and the ability to work from the comfort of my own home. The result of this is that unless I’m actually out of range of a wireless network, I’m online. It’s not very often, even when traveling, that I’m out of range of a wireless network. So, as long as I have my laptop with me, I almost always have full access to email, web, IRC, chat, and what have you. I don’t need a smaller, more portable system for those things any more.

So, I have a Treo 600 for sale — less than a year old, in perfect condition (it’s had a screen protector on it since day 1), no scuffs, dents, scratches. Original stylus, power adapter, and case included. If you’re a good person, I might throw in the 128mb SD card. Email me if you’re interested — I’m not looking for any specific amount, so just make an offer. Email is deb-at-dria-dot-org.

The new phone I got is a Motorola v551. This is much more suited to my new brand of on-the-go life because it has bluetooth. It’s also smaller, lighter, and really just a lot closer to what I actually need in a phone these days. I also took the opportunity to further cut down my wireless services. After a month of use I’ll reevaluate and cut down whatever else I can. I’m tired of getting slammed with ridiculous data fees. Unfortunately, we have exactly two cell service providers in Canada, and the other one is really, really bad. Just thinking about their crappy service makes me angry. Rawr!

Annnyhow, new littler downgraded phone, older high-end multifunction cellular unit for sale.

In celebration, I present BananaPhone.


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