Sunday Morning

I’m still sick. Yesterday is somewhat a blur from the mild fever, nasal congestion, random coughing, and a longish afternoon nap. Better today (no fever as far as I can tell), but still definitely not at the top of my game. Bluh.

For fun, I’ve been hacking around trying to design a MediaWiki skin from scratch. It’s…a little complicated. There are a lot of bits and pieces that all have to get jammed into the skin somewhere, which makes it hard to really create something clean and streamlined. I considered cleaning things up a bit by hiding chunks in DHTMLified menus, until blizzard reminded me that hiding things from users is Bad. Scrapped that plan, and hacked together a new mockup. The new one is much better, although doesn’t get rid of the navigation column (which was my original drive for this). Alas.

Next trick is figuring out how to implement it. This is actually the hard part, since I intend to do it all properly using CSS positioning. That’s not so hard in itself, it’s just the cross-browser stuff that could be a pain. Yes, I really am doing this for fun. I’ve been messing around with web stuff since 1997, and I still get a kick out of making a webby things that are cool and work.

In other news, boolean and I have pre-ordered a Family Pack of Tiger licenses. Five licenses for four machines, and one left over for when we finally succumb and get a Mac mini. Some Microsoft-loving journalist reviewed Tiger, and decided that “Tiger isn’t a long-term play, however. Despite its lengthy development time, and promises of ever slower Mac OS X upgrade releases in the future, this new system isn’t a big enough upgrade over previous OS X releases to warrant much excitement”.

Whatever. You can read the full feature list for yourself. I’ve been thinking about it and have realized that Spotlight, with its Smart Folders, is going to change how I use my computer. Dashboard and the Automator are also going to have a massive impact on my daily work habits. The rest of the features are just bonuses, for me.

Speaking of upgrades, Firefox 1.0.3 was released on Friday. Go get it. It includes nine security fixes that you really should have.

Also, (the primary home for Firefox, Thunderbird, and Mozilla extensions, themes, and plugins) has relaunched. Check it out, and get some new toys for your browser while you’re there.

My current extensions include:

  • Web Developer
  • Adblock
  • ColorZilla
  • SmoothWheel
  • Sage (although I use Tbird for RSS feeds now)
  • SpoofStick
  • StumbleUpon
  • GreaseMonkey
  • mozcc
  • ScrapBook
  • Wikipedia Firefox Extension

I’ll have to check out what else is available now. What extensions do you have installed? Leave a comment!


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