Morning Coffee (ongoing)

I have a cold. This started last night, about an hour before bedtime. My sinuses went from “normal” to “wtf?” in no time flat. Now that groggy, headachy, sore-throaty, chilled-to-the-bone sort of floating misery. Hooray.

This is one of the mixed blessings of working out of the home, I suppose. At my old job, I’d just call in sick and stay home playing World of Warcraft all day, taking sporadic naps and just making sure I got lots of tea. Now that I work from home, however, if I’m well enough to play World of Warcraft, I’m physically also capable of working. Mental fitness is a whole other story, of course. I’m already starting to think I’d be best to just get a NeoCitran in me and call it a day.

Later I’ll adjourn to the sofa with the laptop and some tea for a healthy dose of Food Network background noise.

Check this out: iWork Community. I love it when people share stuff. Not much there now, but I could see that becoming a valuable resource over time. I need to make a new template for invoices, if nothing else.


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