An extravagant dinner

Somewhat on a whim, I decided to make an extravagant dinner yesterday. Three courses, four people, five bottles of wine (of which we drank four). First course was a simple shrimp ring with tangy seafood dip. Third course, dessert, was even simpler, being naught but fresh strawberries. The second course was the star of the show, being a prime rib roast with corn and potatoes.

Here’s a picture of the roast before cooking:

Three of the bottles of wine:

The recipe I used was scribbled hastily on the back of a receipt:

The last line got cut off, but says, “meat therm to 120”. The actual cooking time was closer to 90-100 mins, and I turned the oven up to 375 about 45 mins in because it was just taking too long. This did no harm at all, and the roast was absolutely perfect.

Here’s a picture of the meal part way through the feeding frenzy:

All in all, it was an ideal meal. Excellent food (if I do say so myself), fantastic wine, and good company. The aftermath was a somewhat destroyed kitchen and a slight hangover, but it was totally worth it.



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