On Being an April Fool

Yes, boc, it is my birthday. I was born a scant 34 years ago today, on April First in the year of our Lord Nineteen-Hundred and Seventy-One.

Today, in addition to being my birthday, is also a day during which you cannot (and should not) trust any shred of news that comes over the wire. Already I have seen stories claiming that Google has purchased the Mozilla Foundation, that Steve Jobs has joined the Mozilla Foundation as President, that a Man has sold his Baby to Buy Gadgets, and so on and so forth.

I really hate that part of today. Here’s a hint: An April Fool’s joke is only funny if it actually fools people.

Anyhow, that’s enough crankiness for now (I’ll continue to look grumpy at my computer every time I read one of these joke news stories for the rest of the day, however).

My plans for the day are pretty straightforward. Where I work, we get our birthday off, so I’m not on duty today. Instead, I will probably play video games for a good chunk of the day, maybe have a nap in the afternoon, and then Rob and I are going out for dinner and to see Sin City. I should have scheduled a day for myself at the Third Avenue Spa (it’s right across the street and is profoundly self-indulgent), but I didn’t realize I had the day off ’til yesterday. Next year for sure.

My parents are really funny and sent me the best birthday card ever:


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