Still in Rainy California

I think I’ve finally managed to adjust to Pacific Time. Naturally, I head back to Eastern Time in a day. I lose at jetlag.

It’s been quite a week. I have continued to meet an ongoing string of smart, fun, and interesting people, which is always a good thing. I have a lot of faces to go with IRC nicks now, if nothing else. Work has been fun, but hell on my wrists — seems like 10-12 hour days on a laptop with a touchpad play havoc with my RSIs. Normally I wouldn’t be putting in hours like this, but since I’ve been exhausted and sitting in a hotel room trying to force myself to stay awake, I’ve been logging some extra time on the interweb.

So far work has involved a lot of brainstorming, thinking, reading, digging through websites, writing, planning, and talking to people (either in person, on IRC, or in email). I’m going to chalk it up as a productive week, in spite of the terminal state of general exhaustion. I just hope like hell that I can get a couple of decent nights’ sleep in when I get home.

I took some pictures but they all turned out like crap. The filter I had on my camera caused everything to be too dark, and also caused vignetting in two corners. Unfortunately, that means an expensive filter is now relegated to the bin. Crumbs. Hopefully it will be a nice sunny day tomorrow so I can get a few decent shots before I head home early, early Saturday.


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