New evidence about the Hope Diamond

I’m not entirely sure why, but I have a strange fascination for diamonds. I don’t actually have any of my own, nor do I have any particular hankering to get any (I’m not a big fan of the DeBeer’s tactics of false scarcity and mind-bendingly effective marketing), but…I just think diamonds are neat. Most interesting of all tends to be the history of individual famous diamonds, the most famous of which is the Hope.

New evidence has been put together that confirms the provenance of the stone. It is now proven that that Hope was cut from a larger stone, called the French Blue, that was part of France’s crown jewels.

Of course, this means that someone is probably going to publish another atrociously written account of the stone’s history (now with updates that can trace it back to its actual origin) and make a few hundreds of thousands in book profits. Hm.


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