Apparently I have my thumb on the pulse…

Matt Sakey wrote an article about game reviews and how much they tend to suck. I wasn’t sure I was with him on it until he clarified his stance saying, “The gaming press shouldn’t become ponderous scholarly dissertations on the meaning of the ludic experience. There’s a place for that, as there is a place for scholarship in all media, but it’s not for mainstream consumption.” I agree. Wholeheartedly.

Game reviews need to be smarter, while book reviews need to be less scholarly and more targeted towards regular people.

Maybe I should write something less over-coffeeish about why these book reviews are overwrought. Ostensibly the game reviews and the book reviews have, in me, the same audience. Why are they so different? Is it so inconceivable that a gamer might also be a reader, and vice versa?

I’m not even entirely sure why this is bothering me so much today. Why isn’t there a good, collaborative, non-commercial book review weblog out there?

Or is there?


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